Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend Reading Plus...

I have a few books at my bedside at the moment.  Most of which are homesteading manuals of various types.  And I've been reading exerpts from one of my favourite of these, Carla Emery's "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" which we bought at a teeny tiny bookshop in Salmon Arm when we first started keeping animals.  It has been an indispensable addition to our collection:

Mostly the chapters on ducks and how process them.  Yes.  This is a new foray for me.  We have 1 too many male ducks and we're having a little soiree next weekend, with roast duck on the menu.  Ducks need to be butchered at under 5 months of age or the meat is tough.  Our ducklings are about 3 months old.  This is not something I'm taking lightly, and as I am still going over this in my brain, I will give you the facts:  I want to be self-sufficent.  I don't like the way animals are (generally) treated commercially.  My family wants to eat meat.  I want a close relationship with the food that goes into our bodies.

So.  Here we go.  I'll let you know how THAT goes. 

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