Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Are they turkeys or are they vultures?

Turkeys now doing well.  They like to perch on top of the old playhouse, about 10 feet in the air. All the girls and the 2 yard babies can get up there, and to the untrained eye, they might resemble vultures!  Quite funny and quite safe up there.  Poor Waldo is bigger and is molting so can't get enough air to perch that high, so I usually find him, or clues that he's been, on the gate.  Hmmm.  Turkey poop is similar to chicken poop. But bigger.  And smellier. Yuk.

We moved the babies to a bigger home too; their little cage in the chicken house was getting too crowded.
I was worried about them the first night.  I think I mentioned that turkeys get upset easily, so changing their home was a little daunting.  I was concerned they'd forget how to eat, or be too scared to venture out, away from their hatch-mates, so I made sure they knew where their food and water was by dipping their beaks into it.  They seem to be getting the hang of it.  My fingers are crossed that we're out of the woods with these  little guys!  I swear, chicks are on their way after about 4-6 days.  Turkey poults are more like 3-5 weeks.  Gotta keep a close eye on them, that's for sure.

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