Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Buff Babies are Here!

We hatched some Buff Orpington chicks in our new Brinsea incubator last week...

These were all daughter's idea.  We had a beautiful Buff Orpington hen when she was about 4 years old; she had named it Lightening.  One morning, a couple of coyotes devastated our entire flock, and my little girl never forgot Lightning and has wanted Buff Orpingtons ever since.

So, when she was gifted a bunch of moolah for her birthday in January, she decided she wanted to buy chickens.  She paid for the eggs herself, contributed $50 to the cost of the new incubator, and is now caring for these 6 little cuties on her own.

Buff Orpingtons (or the Orpington breed in general) are a wonderful, beautiful golden dual-purpose bird that lays lovely brown eggs.  They have a gentle, laid-back personality and are described as being perfect for children.

We even grew some wheatgrass for them to peck at.

I know it's only February, but it feels like Spring!

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