Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fresh Knits, Fresh Eggs

Ok, this time I'm absolutely and shamelessly coping Soule Mama's picture of a couple of weeks ago.  It was just So Cool, I couldn't help myself.

My first knits are fingerless gloves, much like hers, only for me.  My first knit from wool that I washed, carded and spun myself.  Only difference is it's not from my sheep.  I don't have woolies yet.  But I did buy the fleece straight from the shepherdess, so pretty close.  Hers were for the guy who does most of the farm chores, and is out in the elements several times over the course of the day.  Well, over here, that's Me.  And the eggs?  Well, the blue is an ameraucana, the green is from Banana, an Easter Egger, and the brown, one of our faithful cross-breed layers.

Two of my favorite things, in one picture.