Saturday, 8 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas

I'm starting to feel the crunch.  Not the 'hurry up and find a gift for so-and-so' so much as 'when am I going to find the time to knit stuff for everyone I want to knit stuff for??' crunch.  Cuz my fingers can only go so fast, and I can only do so much knitting in a day before I cause myself injury.  I know.  I've done that before.    I have 2 projects on the go: knee warmers for my crazy work-odd-hours man, and a cowl for my girl to match the mitts I just finished for her.  I also want to do a hat for my boy, with guitars on it, from this pattern aptly called "Harrison" (as in George, I'm assuming), with,  hmmm... 16 days to go.  Better get on it.

And then there's the sewing.

For the past several years (I've lost count), I've made new pj's for the kids to open on Christmas Eve.  They now expect it.  I even made summer jams when we spent the holidays in Mexico.  There's really no getting around it.  Thankfully, it's a really easy pattern, from Weekend Sewing, and I picked up the flannel for both today.  I've made them before and also used the pattern to re-purpose a T-shirt more than once.  I'm glad they look forward to a tradition that is home-made.  Amid all the hustle and bustle, and holiday commercialism, it makes my heart smile.

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