Friday, 8 June 2012

Weekend Reading

Ahem.  Get ready for it:
"Holy Shit" by Gene Logsdon is a great read for anyone interested in the benefits of composting manure (sheep, chicken, cow, horse, goat, pig, cat, dog and, yes even human).  I did read it cover to cover, but glazed over the bits on dog/cat/human.  Sorry, I'm just not there yet!  But the other stuff, definitely.  How in the "olden days" they used the manure pack from the barn and spread it over their fields and how richly it fertilized the soil.  **No artificial chemicals required**.  I wholly believe we rely far to heavily on chemicals on our land, in our food and on our bodies.  Gene Logsdon helps us to understand the whys in how composting manure works it a very off-handed, humerus way.

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