Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Steppin Out

Remember "Honey" - our lonely chick from the first hatch back in March?

Well, Honey's name is now "Jackson", as in Michael, and he had his first day outside this weekend, at 10 weeks old.  He was plenty ready to be out a couple of weeks ago, but since his besties are 3 weeks younger than him and the weather lately has been nothing short of a torrential downpour for days, this was the first good day for him to be out.

Yep, that's him, the big handsome dude in the front.

Here's a closer look at him:

He's a good boy, doesn't mind being coddled and is always on the lookout for anything amiss.
In regards to the other 3 chicks, hatched 3 weeks after Jackson, it looks to me like Mother Nature stayed true to herself yet again -- out of the four (total), 2 are roosters.  Jackson will probably replace his dad  in the flock, and rooster #2 will be... um. Dinner.

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