Friday, 29 March 2013

Stella, Slow and Steady

Well, she did it.  A full week behind the other ewes, but that's typical of Stella.  This is one sheep who does things when she wants.  We call her our "goat-sheep".

She had been showing signs of being "close up" for several days, and then when she started leaking fluids, we knew it was anytime, so we just kept watch over her.

She birthed 2 little beauties last Wednesday evening, just before the kids' bedtime, which means they got to snuggle brand-new lambs before tucking in themselves.    Stella, of course, needed no help and both lambs are beautiful and healthy.  The little ewe -

- looks just like Dad, and her brother --

-- just like Stella.

Because they are a full week behind the other lambs (10 days behind Sunshine's), Stella is preferring to keep to herself.  She is out with the other sheep during the day, but at night I'm still putting her in a stall with just her little ones for company.

I'm sure these two will be bouncing around the pasture with the rest of the gang (they do look like a gang of lambs when they're all hanging out together) soon enough.

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