Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Copy Cat

And I wasn't even trying this time!  Pinky swear!!

I have scads of undyed yarn that I washed, carded and spun myself, and I've been looking for a project with which to display my handiwork.  Nothing too fancy, but I wanted a larger project, but not huge, and not too difficult.   As I'm thumbing through www.ravely.com the other day, I came across the "Shalom" Sweater.  Simple? Yes.  Stunning? Oh yeah.  But hmmm.  Looks familiar.... where have I seen that before?  I looked back in my "favourites" from over a year ago, and there it is!  Only, it's been slightly modified... by Amanda Blake Soule, AKA Soulemama.  Geesh.  I wasn't even TRYING to copy her this time and I did anyway.

Anyhoo... hoping it's a fairly quick knit as the weather up n' coming would be perfect for it.  A bit chilly, but not cold enough for a full-on sweater.  But, I'm sure I'll find plenty  of excuses to wear it!

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