Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mail-Order Eggs

I got my birthday present early this year!  This arrived in the mail for me today:

This is absolutely a new venture for me, order eggs in the mail.  But, the small, family-run hatchery Briarwood Poultry on Vancouver Island comes highly recommended, and specializes in the 2 breeds I want to add to my flock: Marans and Ameraucanas.  I already have 5 ameraucana hens and HAD one rooster, my dear Jagger, but I traded Jagger for some other hatching eggs (more on this later), as he was the brother to my hens and I didn't want to inbreed my birds more than they (probably) already had been.  So.  Briarwood has beautiful Wheaton and Blue Wheaton Ameraucanas which I think will pair beautifully with my blue hens.

The Marans?  Well, they seem a little hard to get, and lay a gorgeous dark brown egg, as you can see by the photo:  

My thinking is two-fold.  Maybe I breed these Marans next year and make a little extra cash from the eggs or chicks.  And, I want a rainbow of eggs to sell:
Just because I think they are pretty and if I have enough of them, I'll do the farmer's market once in a while and have a little fun.

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