Thursday, 7 March 2013

Jagger's Legacy

You remember Jagger?  He was my big, black, LOUD Ameraucana rooster.  Well.  I traded him in.  He was the brother to ALL my Ameraucana hens and so in-breeding was unavoidable if I wanted more chicks.  I did that a bit, last year.  This year, I decided I wanted some new blood, and my new friend at Tangible Farm needed a rooster.  I wanted some of her Buff Orpington/Lavender Orpington eggs.  So we swapped.

The Buff/Lavender X chicks hatched the other day, and MAN are they CUTE!  Apparently they are what's called "Isobel" in color, but we'll see what that looks like when they feather out in a few weeks.

We hatched out a couple more Buff Orpingtons with them.  They are totally unrelated, so perhaps we can breed a buff to a buff/lavender in the future.

Right now, we're just enjoying the cuteness!

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