Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chicken in a Basket

Beep update:  Beep is about 10 weeks old now and has the cheeky personality of her mama, Blackberry. Having been hatched in my bra (!), raised in the house and coddled by children, Beep has no fear when it comes to the whims of little boys.  This morning, little boy wanted to take Beep for a ride, so he and dad rigged up a little basket on the front of his bike, plopped Beep into it and pushed off.  Beep just got cozy and enjoyed the ride.

We still don't know if Beep is a rooster or a hen (gosh, I am sure hoping for a hen after all the roosters we hatched this year!), but we are reserving guesses for a later date.  Seeing as our precious "Princess Leia" turned out to be a prince and not a princess at all, and we didn't figure that out until he was probably 20 weeks old, we are going to wait, with fingers crossed.

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